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Josh Kalish referee Internacional den Cas Bon Taekwondo Cup

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Josh Kalish referee Internacional ta bay ta den Cas Bon Taekwondo Cup hunto cu nos referee nan Internacional Master Eric Barry, Master Augie Tromp y Master Moises Dumfries.
Josh Kalish ta bin for di Charlotte pa asina ta den Cas Bon Taekwondo Cup. E ultimo aña Josh Kalish a para referee na Pan Am Championships Para / Rio Open (Brazil). Pan Am Championships / Dominican Open (Dominican Republic), Havana Open (Cuba), Costa Rica Open (Costa Rica), Presidents Cup (Florida, US), Pan Am Series 2 (Texas, US), US Open (Las Vegas, US) y por ultimo Josh Kalish a wordo selecta pa para referee na e weganan Centro Americano na Santo Domingo. Josh Kalish a wordo apunta pa Merca pa para referee na tur nan eventonan desde 2011, manera Nacional, Team Trails y campeonatonan na e Olympic Training Center.
Diasabra awo Josh Kalish ta bay ta den Centro di Bario Brazil hunto cu nos refreenan local pa para referee.

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