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Digital Intelligence & Computational Thinking Introduced to Aruba’s Secondary School Curriculum with Colegio San Antonio’s Code Club

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Santa Cruz — The 2023-24 school year introduces new students of Aruba’s secondary school,
Colegio San Antonio, with computational thinking and digital intelligence thanks to their
newly registered Code Club which will be guided by Colegio San Antonio’s Information
Technology teacher, Mrs. Gillian Fung-A-Fat, and Full Stack Vision Foundation.
The entering class of first year students at Colegio San Antonio consists of 5 entry level classes
of which include a total of 133 students who will be participating in Colegio San Antonio Code
Club in Aruba.
The Colegio San Antonio Code Club is the first officially registered Raspberry Pi Foundation
Code Club of the Dutch Caribbean region with regards to secondary schools.
The Raspberry Pi Foundation works to empower communities on a global scale with the
education of computing and digital making. One of their programs is the Code Club program of
which is run by a global community of volunteers, educators, and growth partners, who run
free Code Clubs for children ages 9 to 13 years.
The Full Stack Vision Foundation donated 14 physical computing kits to Colegio San Antonio’s
Code Club to help empower the education of digital intelligence and computational thinking.
Full Stack Vision Foundation is powered by the Aruban Government’s Minister of Labor,
Energy & Integrity, Mr. Glenbert F. Croes, who has stated support for furthering education
within the realms of digital intelligence as proven with the following quote by the Minister of
Labor, Energy & Integration: “The future is bright, as long as we continue to create digitally
intelligent laborers, protect Aruba’s development goals, and guarantee our participation in the
borderless economy.”
Mrs. Gillian Fung-A-Fat who will be leading the Code Club sessions at Colegio San Antonio, is a
dedicated educator who as of this school year (2023-24) will be celebrating 19 years as an
Information Technology teacher. Furthermore, Mrs. Fung-A-Fat received her Digital Literacy
Expert certificate in May 2023 which indicates having the professional skills to be able to assist
both students and teachers in this field.
Colegio San Antonio
Colegio San Antonio is a secondary school based in Aruba’s Santa Cruz city that is recognized as
a SKOA (“Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Aruba”, translated as “Aruba Catholic Education
Foundation”) MAVO-level school. Annually, Colegio San Antonio is responsible for the
education of approximately 500 students total.

Raspberry Pi Foundation
The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a United Kingdom-based charity with the mission to enable
young people to realise their full potential through the power of computing and digital
technologies. Some of their programs include, but are not limited to: Code Clubs and Coder
Full Stack Vision Foundation
Full Stack Vision Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a focus on developing skills for
future jobs in the borderless economy by making Aruba digitally intelligent. Full Stack Vision
executes their vision and mission through the education of Aruba’s youth and children, as well
as industry professionals, with a focus on 21st century skills. Aru Coder Dojo sessions are the
Aruba-based Coder Dojos that are powered by Full Stack Vision of which include the biweekly
public coding clubs that are hosted at Aruba’s National Library, Biblioteca Nacional Aruba.
For more information check out Colegio San Antonio’s Facebook Page, the Raspberry Pi
Foundation website, and the Full Stack Vision Foundation website.

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