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ORANJESTAD: Diasabra 20 di mei, na e campus di Xavier University na Hato, a tuma luga e ceremonia di graduacion di Xavier University School of Medicine 2023. Den un ambiente ameno y festivo rondona di famia, amigo y invitadonan special e doctornan a ricibi nan diploma despues di a completa cuater aña di estudio. Entre e invitadonan special e anochi aki a conta cu presencia di Minister Endy Croes acompaña pa su kerida esposa, Parlamentario Ricky Croes y esposa, profesornan, directiva di Xavier University School of Medicine, CEO di hospital na New York y demas invitadonan internacional. Durante e ceremonia special difrente orador a hiba palabra entre otro, presidente di Xavier University School of Medicine Sr. Ravi Bhooplapur, Sr. Edwin Casey, Sr. J.G. Bhat, Jatin Shah MD, Swathi Arunachalam MD, Sr. Frank Croes y Minister Endy Croes. Mandatario di Enseñansa tabatin e honor di hiba palabra na e doctornan cu tabata presente y logra nan Medical Doctor (M.D.). Durante e anochi a haci entrega di tres galardon na dr. Jerome Lowenstein, dr. Sampat Shivangi y Sr. Ramon Rodriguez. Tambe, a haci entrega di galardon na e miho graduado Jatin Shah. Despues di e ceremonia a sigui un momento di celebracion dedica na e graduadonan.

Speech di Minister Endy Croes:
It is my great honor to be here for the second time to celebrate your graduation. As the government of Aruba, we also need to congratulate Xavier University School of Medicine with the construction of the second phase of their great project. The construction started early this year and it will be ready by 2024. A new building with classrooms, plus an ultra-modern auditorium, with a state of the art acoustic sound system. Xavier University will also honor two (2) full scholarships in medicine for two (2) local students. Thank you, Xavier University, for believing in Aruba.

But tonight, is the night of the graduates. So let me continue. It is my great pleasure, as the Minister of Education & Sports, to welcome you to the noble profession of medicine before you start working. You have completed years of rigorous education, hard training, and hard work to become a medical doctor, and today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your lives. As medical doctors, you are entering a field that is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging. The work that you will do will have a profound impact on the lives of your patients, their families, and their communities.

The trust that will be placed in you will be immense, and with that trust comes a great responsibility. You are now entrusted with the health and wellbeing of your patients, and it is your duty to provide them with the best possible care and treatment. Your patients will come to you in their time of need, and it is your job, to be there for them with compassion, with expertise, and with dedication. I am sure that most of us have been in contact with health care professionals, when we were not feeling well, or we had the privilege of accompanying our elderly parents or family members to the doctor. And because of these experiences, I believe that being a medical doctor is not just about treating diseases and illnesses. It is also about being a healer, being a listener, and being a partner in the journey towards wellness. Also, to be patient, have patience with those individuals that cannot, or take a long time to explain how they feel.

In this profession you have the opportunity to touch people’s lives in intense ways, to make a difference in their health and their quality of life and to build meaningful relationships with them. People will look up to you, people will respect what you do and what you say, people will trust you, people will confide in you and people will appreciate your efforts. As in all professions, the road ahead will not always be easy. You will face challenges and obstacles, both personal and professional, that will test your resolve and your commitment to this profession. But I am sure that you will have colleagues, family, and friends around you that will be there to support you. Always Remember the “passion”, that drove you to pursue this career. Work to meet the needs of your patients, before that of the system, and you will usually be rewarded. You can do amazing things for people. So, my dear medical doctors graduates, I urge you to embrace this opportunity with all your heart and soul. Be curious, be humble, be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge and excellence. And above all, never lose sight of the humanity at the heart of medicine, the connection between you and your patients that makes this profession so special. Please take a moment to reflect on when you first arrived on the island, looking for housing, making new friends, having some fun and how you experienced your first day of medical school. Also, please take the time to thank your parents, and all of those who were there for you, and help you with your education.

As a Minister of Education, I can only be proud, very proud, that this fine institution chose Aruba to train you and because of that, our small but beautiful island can again deliver 51 MD’s of Class 2023 who will be working in different medical institutions all over the world. I am not sure if there are Aruban born graduates among you, but I am sure that wherever you go, you will remember us and will carry our small nation in your hearts.

Finalizing I wanted to share something very special, that I use that reflect and give me the balance and success in life. 4D Concept: Desire: you need to have the desire from very inside, the wish very deep to do what you wanted to do. Discipline: Need to have discipline in life to be successful. Dedication: Need to dedicate into what you like, loyalty for someone or something, commitment, and devotion. Determination: define success for you self, Mindset, play to your strengths, work hard, stay focus on your goal and be determined. Make sure you carry the 4D concept with you and make sure they are in the right balance to be successful in life!! Graduates, In the name of the Government of Aruba masha masha pabien. Congratulations. May God bless you all. Masha danki.



Masha pabien na e graduadonan, hopi exito den boso carera profesional cu Papa Dios bendiciona boso. Masha danki!

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