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E “seat capacity” na Aeropuerto di Aruba ta sigui aumenta mirando cu aerolineanan ta sigui aumenta cantidad di buelo den zomer pa alcansa e demanda creciente

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Aerolineanan ta agrega mas di 125 buelo na e schedule di Juni y Juli


ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA), compania cu ta maneha y opera Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (Aeropuerto di Aruba) ta raporta e siguiente informacionnan di trafico aereo:

  • Aeropuerto di Aruba lo opera 80% di su schedulenan di Juni 2019 (prome cu pandemia) den 2021.
  • Tur region a mustra aumento e luna aki.
  • E averahe di “load factor” di pasahero na salida ta 69.5%, compara cu 85% na 2019.
  • Cantidad di servicio: 25 pa dia, compara cu 35 na 2019.

Aerolineanan ta agregando mas ruta nobo y ta rebibando rutanan bieu, mirando cu pasaheronan kier biaha pa placer den zomer, si mira cu e percentahe di personanan vacuna ta sigui aumenta na Merca. 

Segun e schedulenan di Cirium combina cu e configuracion di asiento di CAPA Fleet Database, Aeropuerto di Aruba su schedulenan di buelo (cu ta traduci den “air seat capacity”) pa e tercer kwartaal y winter 2021-2022 ainda ta mustra recuperacion di 83% y 94% di e nivelnan di 2019. 

E estadisticanan ta representa Aeropuerto di Aruba su capacidad di asiento pa kwartaal (saca dia 7 di Juni, 2021) segun region. Nota si cu schedulenan emiti door di e aerolineanan pa e resto di zomer ta wordo regularmente corta.

Latino America ta sigui corta mas hopi en comparacion cu e otro regionnan. Obstante esaki, e ta sigui un tendencia di mehoracion modesto desde medio April pa laat den Mei cu Brazil, Argentina y Colombia teniendo e cantidadnan mas halto di casonan den Sur America.  

E capacidad general di asiento ta mustra di ta 80% di e nivelnan prome cu e pandemia entre Juni cu September, yegando 94% entre November cu December, dependiendo riba e exito di e programa di vacunacion Latino Americano y e recuperacion di e mercado di aviacion “multi-speed”, cu e potencial general di trafico pa winter di 75-100%. 

Zomer 2021 | “Highlights” di e schedule: 


Norte America 

  • American Airlines a aumenta buelonan diario (7) for di Charlotte na 3 buelo diario (21) pa e lunanan peak Juni y Juli. 
  • American Airlines a reanuda 1 buelo semanal riba Diasabra for di La Guardia desde 12 di Juni. 
  • United Airlines a aumenta servicio for di Washington for di 3 buelo semanal pa 1 buelo diario (7) den Juni.  
  • JetBlue lo aumenta servicio for di JFK for di 14 pa 17 buelo semanal na Juli. 
  • WestJet su fecha tentativo pa cuminsa bek ta 6 di November, 2021, cu 2 buelo semanal for di Toronto. 
  • Air Canada su fecha tentativo pa cuminsa bek ta 11 di September, 2021 cu 2 buelo semanal for di Toronto. 


Latino America

  • Avianca tin plan pa aumenta servicio for di 4 pa 5 buelo semanal (buelo di Diaranson) for di Bogota pa e lunanan peak di zomer cu ta July – Augustus. 



  • KLM lo cuminsa cu buelonan diario (awo tin 6 buelo pa siman) for di Amsterdam (via Boneiro) na Juli. 
  • KLM a agrega 3 buelo semanal extra pa e simannan peak di zomer for di 23 di Juli pa 15 di Augustus, 2021. 
  • TUI NL a aumenta servicio for di 1 pa 3 buelo semanal for di Amsterdam (via Curacao) den Juni y ta plania pa agrega 1 buelo extra riba Diamars cuminsando 6 di Juli te cu October 2021. 
  • TUI UK ta plania pa cuminsa bek cu 1 buelo semanal pa henter aña for di Gatwick desde 7 di Juli, 2021, pendiente e revision di e Gobierno Ingles di paisnan cu ta cai den e categoria berde.  


Aeropuerto di Aruba ta sigui actualiza e informacion riba e aerolineanan segun informacion ta bira disponibel. E schedulenan di buelo ta cambia constantemente y por cambia na cualkier momento di dia. Bishita e pagina di “Flight Schedules” pa mira e schedule detaya di zomer y e ultimo informacionnan confirma ricibi for di aerolineanan partner na https://www.airportaruba.com/flight-schedules

“E atmosfera di demanda ta indiscutiblemente positivo cu nos aerolineanan agregando capacidad y destinacionnan nobo door di aumenta frecuencia di buelo. Nos ta sigur cu nos ta bai bolbe mira volumennan halto den e lunanan importante di e kwartaal cu ta Juli, Augustus y September,” Aeropuerto di Aruba su Air Service Development Manager Sra. Jo-Anne Meaux-Arends.



AUA Airport’s air seat capacity climb continues as airlines continue to build summer network to meet growing demand

Airlines to add over 125 flights to June and July AUA Airport flight schedules


ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA), company that manages and operates Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA Airport) reports the following traffic highlights:

  • AUA airport to operate 80% of 2019 pre-pandemic schedules in June 2021.
  • All regions have taken an upward step this month.
  • Average outbound passenger load factor: 69.5%, compared to 85% in 2019.
  • Services: 25 per day, compared to 35 in 2019.

Airlines are adding new flight routes and reviving old ones, as leisure travel continues to return this summer as the US national vaccination rate moves higher. 

According to schedules from Cirium combined with CAPA Fleet Database seat configurations, AUA Airport Flight Schedules (translated into air seat capacity) for 3rd quarter and early winter 2021-2022 are still showing recovery rates of 83% and 94% of 2019 levels. 


The statistics represent AUA Airport’s quarterly seat capacity (released on June 7, 2021) by region. Note that schedules filed by airlines for the rest of the summer are regularly being trimmed.

Latin America continues to have the deepest cut among the regions. Nevertheless, it continues a modestly improving trend since the period between mid-April and late May. With Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia having the highest number of cases in South America.  

Overall Air Seat Capacity is likely to be at 80% of pre-pandemic levels between June and September, rising to 94% between November and December, depending on the success of the Latin America’s vaccine program and multi-speed travel market recovery, with overall winter traffic potentially at 75-100%. 

Summer 2021 | Schedule Highlights: 


North America 

  • American Airlines increased daily (7) service from Charlotte to 3 daily flights (21) for the peak summer months June and July. 
  • American Airlines resumed 1 weekly Saturday service from La Guardia from June 12th
  • United Airlines increased service from Washington from 3 weekly to daily (7) service in June.  
  • JetBlue to increase service from JFK from 14 to 17 weekly flights in July. 
  • WestJet tentative restart date, November 6, 2021, with 2 weekly service from Toronto. 
  • Air Canada tentative restart date, September 11, 2021, with 2 weekly service from Toronto. 


Latin America

  • Avianca plans to increase service from 4 to 5 weekly (Wednesday flight) from Bogota for the peak summer months July – August. 



  • KLM to start daily service (now 6 weekly) from Amsterdam (via Bon) in July. 
  • KLM added 3 extra weekly flights for the peak summer weeks from July 23 through August 15, 2021. 
  • TUI NL increased service from 1 to 3 weekly from Amsterdam (via Cur) in June and plans to add an extra flight on Tuesdays starting July 6 through October 2021. 
  • TUI UK plans to restart 1 weekly year-round service from Gatwick from July 7, 2021, subject to UK- Government next review of green list countries.  


AUA Airport continues to update the information on certain major airlines as they are able. Flight schedules are changing constantly and are subject to change at any time. Visit AUA Airport’s Flight Schedules page for the summer schedule details and latest confirmed schedule information received from its airline partners https://www.airportaruba.com/flight-schedules

The demand environment is unquestionably positive with our airlines adding new destinations and capacity by increasing the frequency of flights. We are confident that we will see a return to relative high volumes in that key July, August, September quarter”; AUA Airport’s Air Service Development Manager Mrs. Jo-Anne Meaux-Arends.



About Aruba Airport Authority N.V. 

Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (AUA Airport) is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean region, contributing to processing over 1 million passengers per year. With 17 airlines operating into Aruba and providing air service to 20 destinations worldwide, Aruba Airport is operationally solid which over 95% of all visitors are leisure guests, 88% from the United States & Canada, 4% from Latin America, 6% from Europe, and 2% from Dutch Caribbean, year to date, May 2021 Aruba Airport Authority attributes this to its stable economic and political climate, hospitable and multilingual population, and safe environment. Aruba Airport undergoes continuous upgrades to maintain its position as one of the region’s most innovative airports. 

Learn more about what’s happening at Aruba International Airport by visiting Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix, Aruba International Airport (airportaruba.com) and connect with AUA on Twitter Queen Beatrix International Airport – Aruba (@ARUBA_AIRPORT) / Twitter and at Facebook Queen Beatrix International Airport – Startpagina | Facebook

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