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Olive Tree Funeral Care ta anuncia fayecimento di Mr. Gerardo Alfredo Bryson, miho conoci como “Dingo”


The lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.
He maketh me lie down in green pastures.
He lead me beside still waters
Psalm 23:1,2.

With deep sorrow we announce the passing of our beloved Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Brother, Uncle and Friend:
Mr. Gerardo Alfredo Bryson
Better known as:
Sunrise October 31st, 1945
Sunset March 12th, 2021
Wife †Anita Abrihilda Bryson Wrighton

Left to mourn his loss are his:

Raul Bryson and family (Aruba)
†Rosindo Bryson (Aruba)
Regnald Bryson and Family (Netherlands)
Rensel Bryson and family (Netherlands)
Zunaida Bryson and family (Netherlands)

Grand children: Amir, Rensley, Niurka, Andre, Turquessa, Andre, †Aneudi, Adonai, Gregory, Derwin, Mayelin, Manuel, Razool, Razira, Raul, Angel, Shaquel, Avonney, Denzel, Shaqiell, Rensel-Jr, Kate-lynn, †Jayden, Ryenzo, Deshwan.

†Tony Bryson and Family (SXM)
Gloria Bryson and Family (Aruba)
Olivia Bryson and family (Aruba)
Patsy Bryson and Family (Netherlands)
Norma Jacobs Bryson and Family (SXM)
Irma Bryson and Family (SXM)
Maria van Valderen Bryson and Family (Aruba)

Great grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and cousins: Too numerous to mention

Close friends: Isaac Hassell, Markiet and Family, Roy Rodriguez, Isaura Hodge and Family, Christina Hermanus, Denny Mitchell, Delsey Bryson Peña

Neighbours as Friends: Hazel, Illidge, Juffrouw Paul, Pieternella, Schimdt, Euson, Kling, Wilson, Martina, Burkel, Fortin, Ellis, Rodriguez, Tromp, Brown, Williams, Gitting and others too numerous to mention

He was related to the following families: Bryson, Wrighton, Ash, Fleming, Blijden, Priest, Brown, Hazel, Daal, Phillips, Leonard, Illidge, Stafford, Lake, Romney, Somersall, Richardson, Williams, Hodge, Christina, Marlin, Fortin, Mathew, Patrick, Arrindell, Dunlock, Holsman, Peña

We apologize if in our grief we forgot to mention any family members and close friends.

The funeral will take place on Monday March 22nd, 2021. The body of the late Dingo Bryson will be laid out from 1:00 to 3:00 pm in the Olive Tree Funeral Care San Nicolas. His body will be put to rest in the Central Cemetery in Sabana Basora.

Opportunity for condolences will be on Saturday March 20th, 2021 at The Olive Tree Funeral Care in San Nicolas from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

We are deeply sorry to announce that due to the Covid-19 restrictions we will not be accepting condolences at home