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Aurora Funeral Home ta anuncia fayecimento di Zsuzsanna Vitkay,

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Zsuzsanna Vitkay, born August 16, 1935 in Budapest Hungary. She had told stories of the horrible things she saw during World War II with Germans coming and staying in their family home as she was a child. She survived the war and studied to be an Attorney. Married to Laszlo Huebscher in 1963 and was the proud mother of three children, unfortunately one had passed away at a young age.

Zsuzsanna was a professional Opera singer and an Attorney in Hungary until the communist country became unpleasant to live for the Huebscher family. Laszlo was an Engineer and was offered a position with Tiffany Lamp Company in New York. Zsuzsanna and Laszlo sold what they could and took their two children (Laszlo Jr and Attila) and moved to Germany for 6 months, as they could not travel directly from Hungary to the United States. With $600 and a family of four, they arrived in the United States on November 7, 1976 ready to start their new lives.

With no friends or family, Zsuzsanna started work as a technician at a Semi-Conductor company in Somerset, New Jersey soldering. After-which she decided to work for herself and began her career as a Real Estate Agent, after a few years, Laszlo & Zsuzsanna purchase their first of many houses and commercial buildings. In 1984, they started Joyce Kilmer Luncheonette in New Brunswick (NJ). After 10 years they sold the luncheonette and as Laszlo was working as an Engineer, he was able to come in on the ground floor of a Fiber Optic Company that was founded by Laszlo, Zsuzsanna and Attila Huebscher. Zsuzsanna was the lead technician for quality control, inspections and finished packaging for the number of Fiber Optic splicing products that the family holds several patents.

They sold the Fiber Optic company after 27 years and decided to travel to several places like Brazil, Thailand, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and throughout the United States. Zsuzsanna and Laszlo chose Aruba as the safest and best place to travel and wanted to retire in Aruba.

Zsuzsanna came to Aruba in December of 2016 in degrading health, but was still able to enjoy the warm, sun, sand and beaches. Throughout the following years, she became more and dependent on health care providers for her daily care but was still able to enjoy the warm sun on her fragile body.

Zsuzsanna Huebscher passed peacefully with her daughter-in-law by her side on January 24th at 9:45 PM and left behind her son Attila and her grandchildren Max, Samantha, Eric, Ben and Elizabeth. Zsuzsanna had a very difficult childhood and started life over again when she moved to the United States but was loved by many and was a caring and loving person.

She will be missed and may she Rest in Peace.
A service will be held on Friday February 5, 2021 at Aurora Funeral Home from 2 to 4 pm.

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