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Helping to keep locations safe where people put the care for their health in the hands of others are the target of the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers, where they are providing information and sanitation to these key hospital facilities.  


A meeting was held with the Manager of Medical Support and Outpatient Clinics, the Manager Hoteldienst and the person in charge of infection control of the Dr. Horatio Oduber Hospital.  These staff were briefed on D7, which is the most effective agent available in killing viruses and bacteria. In addition, management personnel were shown Stay Well  videos on prevention and provided with a Daily Cleaning and Sanitizing Checklist for their use.  It has been proven that by following the information in these materials the spread of Covid-19 can be stopped.


Up to now two administrative offices and four outpatient clinics have been sanitized by the Volunteer ministers.  Plans are being made to do the rest of the spaces in the near future to help ensure the safety of patients and staff.


A hospital management staff commented to the Volunteer Ministers, “Thank you very much for coming and for the help, sometimes we are so busy with what we are doing inside that we don’t consider that there might be some help from the outside. Thank you very much!”

After the recent sanitization of the clinics Ms. Chalijub commented, “There is a feeling of cleanness and it smells clean.  This has provided a sense of relief because it is being taken care of. I have to say thank you.”


To find out how you can prevent the spread of illness by using proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques at home or work visit the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center online at www.scientology.org/staywell where all the Stay Well videos and booklets can be seen and copies downloaded, free of charge.  All of these materials are available in Spanish, Dutch, English as well as 18 more languages.


To learn more about the Freewinds, watch Inside Scientology: The Freewinds on the Scientology Network.(www.scientology.tv/series/inside-scientology/freewinds.html)


To find out how you can get copies of the Daily Cleaning and Sanitizing Checklist 


CONTACT:     Freewinds Port Captain at [email protected]                                                     Phone/WhatsApp: +1-727-666-0645 




Yudando pa mantene lugarnan saludabel  nda e comunidad ta pone e cuido pa nan salud den man di otronan, ta e objetivo di e Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds. Nan ta provee información y desinfección na e facilidadnan clave di hospital.


Un reunión a wordo teni cu e manager di Medical Support and Outpatient Clinics, e manager di Hotel dienst y e persona encarga cu control di infección di Dr. Horatio Oduber Hospital.E staff a haya informacio  di D7, cu ta e agente mas efectivo pa combati virus y batería.


Adicionalmente, a mustra e personal di maneho e Stay Well videos di prevención y a duna nan e Daily Cleaning and Sanitizing Checklist pa nan usa.  A wordo comproba cu dor di sigi e información den e materialnan aki por para Covid 19 di plama.


Charisa Chaljub, manager di Hotel dienst a comenta despues di a waak e videos y e checklist `pa desinfeccion¨E lista aki ta hopi detaya y mas apropia pa Covid 19. Danki pa tur e información y pa yuda nos sa mas.¨


Te awor dos oficina administrativo y 4 outpatient clinics a wordo desinfecta pa e Ministerio di Boluntario. A traha plan pa sigi desinfecta e otro espacionan den un futuro cercano pa asina staf y pacientenan por ta mas proteha.

Un staf di maneho di hospital a comente¨Hopi danki pa bini y pa e ayudo, tin biaha nos ta asina druk cu loke nos ta hasiendo paden cu nos no ta considera cu por tin ayudo di pafor. Hopi danki.¨


Después di a desinfecta e clínica Srta. Chaljub a bisa¨Tin un ambiente di limpiesa y ta hole limpi. Esaki ta duna nos un sentimento di relevo pasobra ela wordo hasi. Mi mester bisa danki.


 Pa haya sa con pa preveni malesa usando metodonan di limpieza y desinfección apropia na cas of trabou bishita e How to Stay Well Prevention and Resource Center onlina na www.scientology.org/staywell na unda bo ta haya tur e material  di Stay Well  bo por download copia di esakinan gratis. Tur e material ta obtenibel na ingles, spaño y hulandes y 18 idioma mas.


Pa haya sa di freewinds, waak Inside Scientology The Freewinds na Scientology Network na  www.scientology.tv/series/insidescientology/freewinds.html


Pa haya sa con bo por haya e Daily Cleaning checklist,



Freewinds Port Captain

[email protected]

Tel/ WhatsApp:  +1-727-666-0645


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