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AHRA Hosts Successful General Meeting on Changes in Sick Leave Management

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AHRA, the Association of Human Resource Professionals, is pleased to announce the success of its General Meeting held on April 17, 2024. The event brought together many HR professionals, both AHRA members and non-members, who expressed a high interest in exploring Changes in Sick Leave Management and Its Legal Implications.

The General Meeting featured esteemed guest speakers who shared their expertise on the topic, including Gino Croes, Dr. Marleen de Graaf, and Dr. Myron Genser from the Social Security Bank Aruba (SVb Aruba) and Mr. Jamil Saade, Attorney-at-Law from Kloes Kock & Partners. Their presentations covered a range of important issues, including sick leave procedures, the usage of the “MiSVb Trahado App Aruba,” the importance of sick leave reporting, the law, and more. A spirited Q&A session followed, adding further value to the event. The event was well-received by all attendees, who appreciated the opportunity to learn and network with fellow HR professionals.

The AHRA Board is thrilled with the outcome of this General Meeting. The high level of interest and engagement from attendees underscores the importance of this topic for HR and fellow professionals in Aruba. AHRA look forward to continuing their journey of exploration of new issues and ideas with their members and non-members

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Check out these photos from the General Meeting on April 17, 2024!


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