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Ad Patres Funeral Home & Crematorium : Gradicimento & Invitacion

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Our gratitude and Invitation

On behalf of the de Palm – Sharpe family we hereby extend our utmost gratitude to all those who have been there with Love, Dedication and Prayers for us and our Beloved, 


Louisa Elvira Alexine de Palm – Sharpe


We would especially like to thank the following Physicians for their assertiveness, dedication and care throughout the years:

Dr. Johnny v.d. Linden

Dr. Agustin Garcia

Dr. Selene Kock

Dr. Robert Dennert

Dr. Vanessa Wolter

Special thanks goes to Ad Patres Funeral Home & Crematorium for the excellent service.

A Holy Mass will be offered on Friday May 12th,2023 at 6pm at the Sta. Teresita Roman Catholic Church in San Nicolas.

After the Holy Mass on Friday May 12th ,2023 at 7pm you are welcome to attend a Rosary prayed at home for Louisa.


de Palm

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