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Rodgers Beach in Seroe Colorado: Can we still save it for everybody to enjoy?

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Our urgent plea to the Government and the people of Aruba

A public auction was announced in the newspapers by Notary Johnson on May 28, 2021, for the land lease property of 7,450 m2 with an unfinished condominium project located directly on Rodgers Beach that was started in 2008.  The auction is to take place on June 29, 2021.

Unfortunately the Board of the V.B.S.C., the association that represents the Seroe Colorado community, was not given an opportunity to provide input regarding the initial project or this auction, but we are hoping that our plea to save Rodgers Beach for local and tourist enjoyment will be heard now.

It should be noted that the ocean area in front of the beach is part of the protected Marine Park of Aruba, which is managed by the Parke Arikok Nature Foundation.  The protection includes the grass growing on the underwater beach sand very close to the water’s edge and it attracts turtles for feeding and at times nesting.  The small island directly in front of Rodgers Beach is a protected area by law as well and not accessible to the public as it provides nesting areas for several species of sea-gulls during part of the year.

Our intention always has been to make sure that Rodgers Beach remains a tranquil and beautiful beach to be enjoyed by everyone.  With this letter, we ask the government of Aruba and the involved and responsible authorities to ensure that whoever takes over the project respects the protected status of the water and vegetation and also respects that the staircase from the road to the beach as well as the road along the water remain accessible for the public.

In addition, in light of the fact that a 900-room hotel is already being constructed in the residential area of Seroe Colorado on the edge of Baby Beach, we would support a re-evaluation by the government and the authorities of the need for a condominium project at Rodgers Beach.  Perhaps a better purpose of the to-be-auctioned building would be a health and wellness facility or sanatorium.

Our plea to the government and to the political parties that take part in the upcoming elections, and our call to the local community to support this plea is:  Save Rodgers Beach for nature and for everyone to enjoy!

For additional information or to provide comments, please email us at associationseroecolorado@gmail.com.

The Board of V.B.S.C./Association of Residents of Seroe Colorado

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