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Aurora Funeral Home ta anuncia fayecimento di Melrose C.V. Warner-Simmons

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“Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal

Thomas Moore

With deep sympathy we announce the death of our mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend

Melrose C.V. Warner-Simmons

*June 26th, 1936 – Ϯ July 15th, 2023

On behalf of her children

Roberto (Robby) & Marianne Warner- van de Walle

Franklin (Franky) & Eleonor Warner-Maria

Deborah (Debby) & Harm van de Seijp-Warner

Her grand-children:

Sjade Warner

Moriah Warner

Dorian Warner & Denzel Browne

Shantalle Brown

Ashwin Brown

Quintin van de Seijp


Mable Simmons & fam.


Ϯ Joe Simmons

Ϯ Ronald Simmons

Desta & Silvia Nisbeth & fam.

Jimmy & Ana Willekes & fam.


John Nisbeth & family

Nieces & Nephews:

Zaida Willekes & fam., Jacky Willekes  & fam, Willy Willekes & fam, Ilse Willekes & fam, Lisette Boekhoudt & fam, Nadine Marsera & fam, Laetitia Nisbeth & fam, Faye Nisbeth & fam. Zahira Marsera & fam. 

Ϯ Johnny Simmons, Lex Simmons & fam, Marlon Levenstone & fam, Michael Levenstone & fam, Edsel Levenstone, Ϯ Johnny Willekes, Marlon Willekes & fam, 

Ϯ Jeffrey Willekes, Trevor Nisbeth & fam.

Close friends & family:

Anselmo Pontilius & fam, Ingrid Daly & fam, Jeanette & Rildo Croes-Brown & fam, Deborah Hassell & fam, Betty Heyliger & fam, Marlin Hassell & fam, Leroy & Annemarie Brooks & fam, Jhennifre Santamaria, Janine Gibbs & fam, Karin Boelens & fam, Guillermo Warner & fam, Ragnilde McNair & fam, Odin Marlin, Sydney Sorton  & Fam, Rudy Sorton & fam, Sidson Sorton & fam, Angela Hoepel-Lake & fam, Reginald Lake & fam, Frits Lane & fam, Judain Lane & fam, Ilona Lane.

Violet Godet / Staff & Personnel of Daycare Cathrin


Simmons, Gordon, Warner, Marsera, Levenstone, Sorton, Heyliger, Pontilius, Willekes, van de Seijp, van de Walle, van Voorn, van Tergouw, Boelens, Maria, Nisbeth, Boekhoudt, Brown, Croes, Dambruck, Hassell, Lane, Pourier, Brooks, Bernabela, Arrindell, Richardson, Godet, Lake, Hoepel, Blijden, Gibbs, Frans

Our apologies, if in our time of sorrow we have unintentionally left out any names.

The wake will be held on Friday July 21st, 2023 at Aurora Funeral Home, Cumana # 76, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The funeral service will take place in a private setting.

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