ORANJESTAD: Diasabra anochi Minister Endy Croes tabata presente na e graduacion di Ibero American Primary & High School cu a tuma luga den e auditorio di e scol.  Un ceremonia hopi bunita cu a trece hopi alegria pa tanto e studiantenan como nan famia. E anochi tabata uno extra special y emocional door cu yiunan di e mandatario esta Jeandrick Croes y Jaydiene Croes a finalisa nan estudio exitosamente. Durante e ocasion special aki Minister Endy Croes tabatin e honor di hiba un discurso pa e graduadonan:


Discurso di Minister Endy Croes na e graduadonan:

I am honored and appreciate the opportunity to stand here this evening in my capacity as the Minister of Education & Sports, to deliver some words and to celebrate this wonderful occasion where a total of 34 graduates will received their diploma tonight. 


Few days ago, I was invited to deliver a speech in a graduation ceremony, and I spoke about the importance of being ‘grateful’. According to research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps us feel more positive emotions, enjoy good experiences, improve your health, deal with difficulty, and build strong relationships. The more grateful we are, the more we attract wonderful things to be grateful for.


Today, I want to talk about ‘Determination’. Determination is a firmness of purpose. Specifically, being determined means have a firm decision or goal and being certain in your pursuit of achieving it. I had the honor to be here last year, and since then I was certain that this small high school has lots of determination. The Director, Mr. Centeno a hardworking, committed and determined man that leads this school; Together with a great Staff and Teachers.


When you walk around at Ibero American High School, you see and feel their determination, because with limited resources they manage to deliver many, well-educated graduates. Graduates that are determined to educate themselves and found a program in English that fits best to their needs, enabling them to continue with their studies in higher education


This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. Graduates, I encourage you to never stop learning. To do so, you need to sharpen your skills leading to superior self-determination, like goal setting, problem solving, and decision-making. These skills will enable you to assume greater responsibility and control of your success in life. 


Graduates, this journey might have been challenging for you and some of you were confronted with various difficulties and obstacles on the way. At times, some of you may have thought giving up. Like I always say never give up. But I am sure there were some people who gave you hope and the willpower to continue.  

First of all be grateful for your own determination. But, also please acknowledge your friends and teammates for believing in you. Thank, your family for being your pillars of support. Thank all your teachers and mentors of this wonderful school for showing you the right path.


As Minister of Education and Sport and in the name of our Prime Minister Evelyn Wever- Croes and the government of Aruba we wanted you to know that we are very proud of all of you. But I am sure that all the parents, mother, father, grandparents, families that are here supporting you today is very proud of each one of you with this great achievement. Thank you to all parents and family to keep motivating the students, e special thank, to all teachers and Staff of Ibero to keep inspire and push the graduates to achieve their goal. I have a daughter and a son Jaydie and Jeandrick that will receive their diploma tonight so I can understand the feeling of a proud father and mother. Desire discipline dedication and determination are the keys for success. It always seems impossible until its done by Nelson Mandela. Congratulations Graduates of 2022. 


E miho graduado di Ibero American Primary School ta Pharris Nicolas Pilier Almanzar y pa Ibero American High School ta Madeleine Simone Thijsen. Masha masha pabien na tur graduado y hopi exito den futuro.