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Olive Tree Funeral Care & Crematory ta anuncia fayecimento di Vivian Bonice Jones Better known as Miss Bonice, sister Jones, Oma Na & Na

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“As Far off as the Sunrise is from the Sunset, So Far off from us he has put our Transgressions” 

  Psalm 103:12


With deep sympathy we announce the loss of :


                               Vivian Bonice Jones

       Better known as Miss Bonice, sister Jones, Oma Na & Na

     Sunrise: 16 January 1931          Sunset: 18 May 2022


Children: †Glenford Radjouki

  Maud Radjouki (Sha)and family SXM

Carmen Radjouki and family NL

Cecilia Radjouki ( Dj silver fox) and family NL

Esmond Jones (Papi Jones) and wife Sharine Jones-Quant & family AUA

Michael Radjouki and family AUA


Like a son: Shawn Dunkly

Like daughters: Shanette Dyke 

    Shanee Jackson


Brothers: †William Jones 

      †Theophilus Jones 

    Franklin and wife Gloria Cornett & family AUA

      Ewan Grovell Sint Eustatius


Sister: Cynthia Jones and family AUA


Grandchildren: Giovanni Radjouki and family NL

  Shervin Frederick and wife Ineke & family SXM

Veronique Houson and husband Dexter & family SXM

Glenford Radjouki (Glenno or Jouki) AUA

Shardina Blomont and husband Sergio Blomont & family SXM

Charmaine Radjouki and family SXM

Shermaine and wife Noemi Radjouki NL

Chelsea Radjouki NL

Sheldon Frederick NL

Jeremy Jones NL

Aisha Radjouki NL

Levon Jones (Papi Jones Jr) NL


Great-grandchildren too numerous to mention

Great-great-grandchildren too numerous to mention

Nieces and Nephews: William Wilson and family AUA

  Joan Roumou and family NL

Antonio Wilson AUA

Edwin Wilson and family AUA

Elton Wilson and family AUA

Glenroy Wilson and family AUA

Judith Wilson and family AUA

†Stephanie Wilson 

†Cecil Wilson 

Anouska (Boeffy) Cornett and family AUA

Franklin (Junior) Cornett NL and family AUA


Great nieces and nephews too numerous to mention.


Ex daughters in law: Joyce Ferguson AUA

Gladiola Servinus (Jola) AUA


Caretakers: Dion James 

Barbara James


Special friends: Ruthsela Pantophlet

  Cecilia Dorsett

     Teresa and Robert Neuman

      Maria Kingsale NL

  Juancho and Hyacinth Geerman

     Weslyn Rodgers

    Rosita Blijden

    Theresita Richardson

      Leonile Panthophlet

     Alfredo and Minerva Muller


Neighbor:  Marie Jones

Tico Hernandez and family

Lei Wong


Brothers and sisters of Jehovah Witness


Special thanks to Dr. Boderie, his assistant Betty and the nurses, and Wit Gele Kruis


She was related to: Jones, Radjouki, Cornett, Wilson, Grovell, Simmons, Frederick, Blomont, Houson, Quant, Levenstone, Washington.


Condolence opportunity on Tuesday, 24th May’22 from 7’PM to 9’PM At the Olive Tree.

The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, 25th May ’22 from 2’pm to 4’pm at The Olive Tree Funeral Care in San Nicolaas.


The family would like to apologize to anyone they have forgotten.


We apologize that after the funeral we will NOT be receiving any condolences at home.

Due to the current situation (Covid-19) Mask is obligatory when entering.


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