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The Freewinds Volunteer Ministers Take One More Step Towards Making Aruba the Safest Place on Earth




While the Directorate of Nature and Environment works diligently to make the island of Aruba and surrounding sea safe for nature and wildlife, the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers took measures to keep their work place a safe environment where they can continue their valuable work.   


The largest threat to man currently is the Corona virus.  But there is a way to fight this threat and make a safe environment, in which tourism and economy can thrive.  It is the one-two punch of sanitization and prevention education.  


Recently the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers sanitized the offices of the Directorate of Nature and Environment.  This was done with D7 or Decon 7, the most effective sanitizing agent there is in the market, killing 99.9999% of all viruses and bacteria.


Important as sanitization is, the key to victory over Covid-19 is prevention.  The head of the Directorate of Nature and Environment, Mr. Gisbert Boekhoudt, realized this.  Hence after sanitization of their offices Mr. Boekhoudt arranged for his staff to be trained in prevention techniques provided by the Frewinds Volunteer Ministers.  


Taking into account social distancing, and the fact that all employees cannot be in a seminar at the same time, it was arranged for two prevention seminars to be given the same day.  Combining instruction, video presentations and practical drilling on the right way to prevent the spread of the virus, everyone came away with the knowledge of how to keep not only themselves safe, but also co-workers, family and friends.  


Regarding the prevention seminars Mr. Boekhout commented, “We were very pleased and happy for the information and how it was presented.  It was precise, easy to understand and the videos excellent.  The role playing was good ‘on the job training’ showing how to do it right.  Thank you, thank you once again for not just the service, but for providing it with a human touch.”


By everyone doing their part Aruba can be made the safest place on earth.  This is why the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers are always ready to provide help where ever they can as they operate by the motto: SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!


For assistance from the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers to get your facilities sanitized, or to receive prevention seminars or training on how to disinfect your work spaces or home, please contact the Deputy Port Captain of the Freewinds by email at susan.lora@freewinds.org or by Signal at +1-727-549-8104 or by cell at 297 747-1613


To get information on how you can protect yourself and others, how you can keep your home and place of work safe visit the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center online at www.scientology.org/staywell where all the Stay Well videos and booklets can be seen and copies downloaded, free of charge.  All of these materials are available in Spanish, Dutch, English as well as 18 more languages.


To learn more about the Freewinds, watch Inside Scientology: The Freewinds on the Scientology Network (www.scientology.tv/series/inside-scientology/freewinds.html).