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Team Work is What It Will Take to Make Aruba the Safest Place on Earth




Since April of last year the Volunteer Ministers from the Freewinds have been carrying out sanitization of the police stations across the island, helping to protect those who protect the island and its citizens.  This year upon request of the Aruba Police Force a group of their employees are being trained to carry out themselves the sanitization of the police facilities.

At a session at the police station in Santa Cruz the group of employees along with the Head of Operational Management of the Police Corps, Mr. Errol Zebeda, were trained by the Volunteer Ministers of the Freewinds in sanitization with Decon 7, usually called D7.  

D7 is the most effective agent in killing all types of viruses and bacteria, being 99.9999% effective.  But for D7 to be fully effective proper procedures must be followed.  And this is why the complete training includes video instruction, lecture and practical drilling in the use of the equipment and the application of the product.


After the theory instruction the practical training began with familiarization of the required personal protective equipment.  Next was the proper mixing of the D7.  Even though D7 is environmentally friendly, proper protection and standard procedures must be followed.


The sanitization of the police vehicles is just as important as the buildings as police officers spend many hours each day in their cars.  Therefore, training in making sure the cars and other vehicles of the force are protected was also part of the training.

Mr. Zebeda had this to say about the training, “As Aruba Police Force we are very grateful for the support that we have been receiving since last year from the Freewinds and their volunteers. This support was sometimes on very short notice and on the weekends. Now with this training we are taking the next step to be able to do the sanitization in house by our own employees”

The Port Captain of the Freewinds, Mr. Ken Weber, added, “It has been a pleasure to work with the Aruba Police Corps.  In order to make Aruba the safest place on earth where people will want to come to visit all of Aruba must be involved.  Each person has to do their part, whether it is protecting one’s family and their home by following protocols or a large organization such as the police taking responsibility.  We are all in this together.  It must be kept in mind that an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.”

To find out how you can protect yourself and others, how you can keep your home and place of work safe visit the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center online at www.scientology.org/staywell where all the Stay Well videos and booklets can be seen and copies downloaded, free of charge.  

If your organization or business would like to know more about how you can become trained in sanitization with D7 contact the Port Captain of the Freewinds.

CONTACT:     Freewinds Port Captain   ken.weber@freewinds.org                                                     Phone/Whatsapp: +1-727-666-0645 


Ta bai tuma teamwork pa hasi di Aruba e lugar mas sigur na mundo.

Desde april di aña pasa e Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds ta desinfectando e wardanan di polis rond di nos isla,yudando pa proteha esnan c uta proteha nos comunidad. E aña aki riba petición di Korps Politie Aruba un grupo di empleado  ta wordo entrena pa nan mes por desinfecta e facilidadnan di warda di polis. 

Den un sesión na warda di polis Santa Cruz e grupo di empleado conhuntamente cu Cabesante di Operational Management di Korps Politie, Sr. Errol Zebeda,a wordo entrena dor di e Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds ,pa sa con pa desinfecta cu Decon 7, usualmente yama D7.  

D7 ta e agente mas efectivo pa mata tur clase di virus y bacteria cu ta 99.9999% efectivo.Pero pa D7 ta completamente efectivo proceduranan correcto mester wordo sigi. Y pesey e entrenamiento completo ta inclui instrucción cu video, lectura y ehercicio practico den uso di equipo y e aplicación di e producto Decon 7.Despues di e parti teorético a cuminsa cu e parti practico cu familiarisacion di e equipo protectivo personal. Después a mustra con pa mezcla D7 corectamente. Maske D7 ta sigur pa e ambiente, protección correcto y proceduranan standard mester wordo sigi.

Cada empleado di KPA a participa den e pasonan di ehercicionan den preparación pa e aplicación di D7. E empleadonan tawata hopi interesa den e training, a hasi hopi pregunta pa sigura c unan a comprende loke a wordo bisa.

Una bes cu e pasonan di preparación a wordo comprende, a sigi cu e training con pa ehecuta e desinfección di e edificio correctamente.

Desinfectando e autonan di polis ta mes importante cu desinfecta e edificio pasobra polis ta pasa gran parti di día den nan auto. Pesey tambe a duna training con pa desinfecta e autonan y otro vehiculonan di KPA a forma parti di e training.

Sr. Zebeda a bisa lo siguiente:”Como KPA nos ta hopi agradecido pa e asistencia cu nos ta recibiendo di e Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds.E asistencia tin biaha a wordo duna riba termino cortico y tin biaha hasta den weekend.

Cu e paso aki nos a tuma un paso adelanta pa hasi e desinfección di nos wardo dor di nos mes empleadonan”

E Port Captain di Freewinds, Sr. Ken Weber, a bisa:”Tawata un placer traha cu KPA. Pa hasi di Aruba e lugar mas sigur na mundo ,caminda tur hende lo kier bin bishita , henter Aruba mester ta envolví. Cada persona mester hasi nan parti, si ta  protehando bo famia of bo cas, dor di sigi protocolnan estableci of un organización grandi manera KPA tumando responsabilidad pa esaki. Nos ta den esaki hunto. Tene na mente cu un ons di prevención ta bal mas cu un ton di cura.”

Pa haya sa con pa cuida bo mes y otronan, con pa mantene bo cas y bo lugar di trabou sigur bishita How ta Stay Well Prevention and Resource Center online na www.scientology.org/staywell. Aki por mira e Stay Well videos y e pamfletanan y por download nan gratuitamente.,

Si bo negoshi of organización kier sa mas di con bo por wordo entrena pa desinfecta cu D7 contact e Port Captain di Freewinds.


Freewinds Port Captrain


WhatApp/Phone: +1-727-666-0645