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Quanten Consortium Aruba, LLC ready to invest up to $3.5 billion into a 100 year old refining tradition in Aruba!


SAN JOSE, CA – (Dec 11, 2020) Quanten Consortium Aruba, LLC (QCA, LLC) has been selected to finalize the Due Diligence process, and negotiate and sign a binding contract to refurbish, upgrade and Operate the Aruba Refinery and Terminal Complex. We are pleased that Refineria di Aruba N.V. (RdA) on behalf of the Government of Aruba have selected QCA, LLC to cooperate, negotiate in good faith and sign a binding contract to refurbish, upgrade and to operate the existing Aruba Refinery and Terminal complex.

The Aruba Refinery Project as managed by the Quanten Consortium and supported by the experience of RdA will be to the highest standard of engineering rigor, financial transparency and workplace safety in the world, in compliance with several of US Government directives.

QCA is very enthusiastic at the prospect of assisting Aruba with the Refurbishment, Upgrade and Operation of the Aruba Refinery and Terminal complex and we are committed to ensuring that the benefits of the refinery are realized by the people of Aruba. QCA’s CEO Jeff Meyers stated: “This day marks the beginning of a new chapter. Together with our participating companies, in the long term, we intend to support the refinery to significantly improve its financial performance and. The closing of the deal will be a remarkable achievement for QCA and for the Aruban citizens.”

Quanten Consortium Aruba, LLC has put together a consortium for the Modifications, Operations, and Sustainable Transformation of the Aruba Oil refinery: A Refinery with significant development potential, including the highest level of feedstock flexibility. In selecting the participating companies
for this project, we evaluated the best in the business for their capacity, innovativeness, experience, and willingness to perform in Aruba.

The refinery’s configuration will be one of the most technologically advanced in the Caribbean region with significant prospects for expansion. We are also considering the development of a separate petrochemical plant within the complex that utilizes by-products from the refinery.

The availability of all the necessary infrastructure (a deep-water port, storage terminals and own power station are part of the transaction), will provide QCA with significant operational synergies and help improve the refinery’s economics. A further synergy will be derived from cross-supplies of products to South America, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Africa and European markets.
Preliminary engineering and cost assessments show that the refinery and terminal complex require up to $3.5 billion for refurbishment and upgrades that will allow the refinery to operate at 235,000 bpd capacity, with a potential increase up to 350,000 bpd capacity, to produce consumer ready products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, etc.

About Quanten Consortium Aruba LLC
Quanten, LLC, headquartered in San Jose, California will lead a consortium of companies, and partner with renowned leaders in industry, finance and academia to manage the Aruba Refinery and associated infrastructure. Our team will:
• Refurbish the refinery, reopen and operate at 235,000 barrels/day capacity while producing current grade of products

• Upgrade the refinery to operate at maximum capacity of 350,000 barrels/day and modify to produce consumer ready end products such as gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel, home heating oil, etc.

We evaluated the best companies in the business for their capacity, innovativeness, and willingness to work before deciding to bring them on board as technical or financial partners to address the critical areas.
We also have projects for Economic Development Considerations. This initiative is centered around Economic Development and addresses a spectrum of development opportunities across a range of sectors. These development projects will support the government’s drive for socio- economic transformation and poverty alleviation for the people of Aruba. Additionally, we will create new ventures for fuels marketing, supplying Aruba and all surrounding islands/countries…