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Assisting in Making Aruba Covid Free the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers Continue Their Island Wide Campaign





Whether it is sanitization of facilities, providing information on how to stay well or making available cleaning and sanitizing checklists for home and office the Volunteer Ministers continue their activities to make Aruba safe from Covid-19.

While most of the world is experiencing a wave of Covid-19 outbreaks Aruba is one of the few countries where the number of active cases is dropping.  This is a result of people doing their part to follow protocols.  However, it is not time to relax, but rather continue to work at reducing the number of cases further so that Aruba is no longer considered to be a High Risk country for travel.  This is especially important as the tourist season draws near and the economy is trying to find a firm grip.

It is for these reasons that the Volunteer Ministers continue diligently to carry out sanitization across the island in schools, medical facilities, NGOs for the disabled, churches, offices, just about anywhere people gather.  Over 150 locations have been sanitized in the past two months.  This is being done with a product called Decon 7, the most effective virus killing agent available anywhere.

With the assistance of the Aruba firefighters the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers have sanitized nearly two and a half million square feet of spaces across Aruba.  This is safety in numbers.

The most important point in the fight against Covid-19 is prevention.  It cannot be stressed enough that an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.  This is why the Volunteer Ministers provide educational materials in the form of Stay Well videos and copies of the Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing Checklist, in English or Spanish, at every location they visit.


Following the sanitization of the Educacion Profesional Basico School the principal, Mr. Rensley Mathilda was introduced to the Stay Well videos and provided with copies of the Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing Checklist, for which he was very grateful saying:      
“Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!  Thank you for what you guys are doing for us, God bless you all and you will harvest the fruits from this.”

Mr. Mathilda was not alone in his feelings.  On a similar note, Mrs. Renate van Dongen, Director of Casa Cuna Progreso when shown the Stay Well videos said: “They are really good! They are simple and clear. I can use them to show them to the personnel and to the teen-moms! So they can see and it is not just me speaking!”  She was also given copies of the Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing Checklist to which she added: “This is fantastic, very useful. I can give it to the people that come to clean and put the date and then they can give it to me at the end of the day!”

The Freewinds Volunteer Minister will continue their active role to assist Aruba in its fight against Covid-19 by providing information on how to stay well and sanitizing facilities with the purpose of bringing prosperity back to Aruba.

To find out how you can protect yourself and others, how you can keep your home and place of work safe visit the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center online at www.scientology.org/staywell where all the Stay Well videos and booklets can be seen and copies downloaded, free of charge.  All of these materials are available in Spanish, Dutch, English as well as 18 more languages.


To learn more about the Freewinds, watch Inside Scientology: The Freewinds on the Scientology Network.(www.scientology.tv/series/inside-scientology/freewinds.html)


CONTACT:     Freewinds Port Captain   ken.weber@freewinds.org                                                     Phone/WhatsApp: +1-727-666-0645 



Si ta desinfectando facilidadnan , provee información riba con pa proteha bo mes of repartiendo e checklist di limpieza y desinfección pa cas y oficina, e Ministerio di Boluntario ta continua nan actividadnan pa hasi Aruba liber di Covid-19.

Mientras gran parti di mundo Ta Experienciando un brote nobo di Covid-19, Aruba ta un di e poco país unda e cifranan di casonan activo ta vahando. Esaki ta e resultado ora hende ta hasi di nan banda pa sigi e protocolnan.

Sin embargo no ta ora di relaha pero pa sigi traha pa reduci e number di casonan mas pa Aruba no wordo considera un país di Riesgo Halto pa biaha. Esaki ta hopi importante pasobra e temporada halto di turismo ta asercando y nos economía ta lucha pa stabilisa su mes.

Pa e motibonan aki e Ministerio di Boluntario diligentemente ta sigi desinfecta scolnan, facilidadnan medico,Fundacionan pa esnan descapacita, misanan, oficina y tur caminda na unda nos hendenan ta aglomera.

Mas di 150 lugar a wordo desinfecta den e ultimo 2 luna. Esaki a wordo hasi cu e producto Decon 7. E agente mas efectivo obtenibel riba mercado pa mata culakier virus.

Cu asistencia di Cuerpo di Bombero e Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds  a desinfecta mas di 2,5 miyon pia cuadra di espacio na Aruba.Esaki ta yama protección den number.

E punto mas importante den e lucha contra Covid ta Prevencion. Ta sigi pone énfasis riba he dicho “ un ons di prevención t abal un ton di curación. Pesey e Ministerio di Boluntario ta provee material educativo den forma di Stay Well videos y copia di e Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing Checklist” na ingles y na spaño, tur caminda c unan a bishita.

Después di a desinfecta EPB San Nicolas e cabesante, sr. Rensley Mathilda a wordo introduci na Stay Well videos y tambe e Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing Checklist. E tawata hopi agradecido pa esakinan y a bisa:”Danki di profundo di mi curason !Danki pa loke boso ta hasi pa nos!Dios bendishona boso y lo boso cosecha e frutonan di esaki.”

No solamente Sr. Mathilda pero tambe sra. Renate van Dongen, directora di Casa Cauna Progreso, a bisa algo similar ora ela waak e Stay Well videos:” Nan ta hopi bon Nan ta simpel y hopi cla. Mi por usa nan pa mustra e personal y e mamanan teenager.. Asina nan por waak cu no ta ami so ta papia.”

E tambe a haya copia di e Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing Checklist y ela bisa lo siguiente:”Esaki ta fantástico! Esaki ta hopi útil! Mi por duna e hendenan di limpieza esaki ora nan yega. Nan ta yena e fecha y na final di día nan por entregami bek.” E Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds ta sigi cu su rol activo yudando Aruba den e lucha contra Covid-19, proveendo información con pa proteha bo mes y desinfectando facilidadnan cu e meta ta trece prosperidad bek na Aruba


Pa haya sa con pa proteha bo mes y otronan, con pa mantene bo cas y bo lugar di trabou limpi, bishita How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center online na www.scientology.org/staywell. Tur e pamfletanan y Videonan di Stay Well por wordo mira y por download un copia di nan gratuitamente. Tur e materialnan aki ta obtenibel na spaño, hulandes, ingles y 18 idioma mas.


Pa siña mas di Freewinds wak Inside Scientology: The Freewinds na The Scientology Network na www.scientology.tv/series/inside-scientology?freewinds.