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Ad Patres Funeral Home ta anuncia fayecimento di Pamela Cassandra Connor – Douglas, miho conoci como “Pam”


If a man dies, can he live again?
I will wait all the days of compulsory service until my relief comes.
You will call, and I will answer you.
You will long for the work of your hands.
Job 14 : 14-15

With deep sympathy we announce the death of :
Pamela Cassandra Connor – Douglas
better known as ” Pam “

*26 October, 1952 †10 September, 2020

Left to mourn their loss are her:
Thompson Connor

†Leonie Douglas Mc Koy

†Ramon Douglas

Leroy Douglas , Gloria & family

Valma Douglas & family
Hyacinth & Juan Geerman &’family
Sonia Wever & family Sherry Douglas
Jacqueline & Mario Karg

Valerie Connor
Judith Connor

Leo Connor
†Dennis Connor
Basil Connor
Drummond Connor
†Carroll Connor
Jessie Connor
Glynn Connor
Trevor Connor

Nieces and nephews: Too numerous to mention.

Other families, relatives, friends, acquaintances:
Douglas, Connor, Geerman, Wever, Karg, Buckley, Mc Koy, Smith, Webster, lble, Thompson, Phillips,
Martes, David, Antersijn, Arrindell, Donato, Illes,
Hirshfeld, Blackfull, Tromp, Apostel, Thielman,
Kock, de Sousa.

We apologize if during our grief we forgot to mention any names or families.

All families, relative’s, friends and acquaintances are. The burial will be at Sabana Basora.

There will be no viewing of the body before the date of the funeral and in connection with the present Covid-19 situation all precautionary measures will be followed during the burial service.