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Ad Patres Funeral Home ta anuncia fayecimento di Alvin Alfonso Howell, better known as:” Fonso & Papi & Mr. Howell”


“Through the love of God my Savior, all will be well”

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of:
Alvin Alfonso Howell
Better known as:” Fonso & Papi & Mr. Howell”
*12-03-1948 †02-11-2019

Left to mourn his lost:

Wife: Diana Howell Ridderstaat
Children: Sherry Howell
Alan Howell & Maroushka Howell-Kock
Jeremy Howell
Armando Howell & Rossy Martinez
Brothers: Anthony (Tony) Howell and family
Arnold Howell and family
Sister: † Beatrix Howell and family
Grand children: Aljenshka Howell & Miklos Petrona
Kenville Kleinmoedig
Shanayah Howell & Jonathan Jacobino
Anuar Howell
Kathlyn Stamper
Angelica Howell
Amanda Howell
Goddaughter: Rachel Hughes
Like a brother: Albert (Butty) Philips
Carlos Hodge
Robert Reeberg
Big Bird Richardson
Win Chow Leong
Benson Paul
Like a sister: Shirley Ashby and family
Cecilia Arndell Paul and family
Simonie Denis and family
Barbara Hodge and family
Like a daughter: Evelyn Perez
Like a grandchild: Jurina Maduro & family
Joanna Maduro & family
Ree Isberta
Zulaika Alexander & family
Donny Geerman & family
Tyron Punselie & family
Muskaan Dubey
Shanitza Werleman
Nieces and nephews: Lauris, Sharin, Shirley Redan, brothers and sisters
Rignalda Howell
Betto Howell & family
Aron Howell & family
Toshka Howell
Latoya Van La Parra & family
Binky Van La Parra & family
Alex Martus & family
Greggy Delamore and family
Danica Delamore and family
Ellen Gumbs and family
Allan Martus & family
Mariela Ras & family
Eric Ras & family
Brother and sister in laws: Jacinta Ridderstaat and family
Franklin Ridderstaat and family
Helena Tromp and family
Glenda De Lange and family
Lourdes Ridderstaat and family
Jose Ridderstaat and family
Hubert Ridderstaat and family
Rolando Ridderstaat
Oscar Ridderstaat
Ex in laws: Elise Illidge and family in Holland
Marge Illidge and family in Holland
Evelyn Traa and family in Holland
Edwin Illidge, Enid and family
Stanley, Rika Illidge and family
Veronica Illidge and family in Holland
Beryl Illidge and family in Holland
Bernice Arends and family in Holland
Orlando (Lando) Traa and family in Holland
Lucresia (Chichi) Ridderstap and family
Close friends: Isolyn Kleinmoedig and family
Ingrid Pieternella & family
Sandra Brown & family
Sandra Whitfield
Astrid Nassy & family
Bettina Maduro & family
Felipe (Ipi) Ras and family
Ildo & Isabel Kock and famil
John Fraser and family
Clifton Ahlip and family
Katjuska Jacobino and family
ColleaguesOvidio Arrindel & Accountants Kantoor
Ex colleagues Martin Luther King School, EPB School, Colleagues Avondschool OAA , Jose Pesqueira and chess club members, Dr. Neelam, Dr. Manisha, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Dubey and staff of Xavier, Medical University, his worker of Whooz Next Security, Students of Whooz Next Driving school, and other close friends too numerous to mention.

Good neighbours: Ras, Kock, Van der Linden, Martijn, Dubero, Bisslik.

Special Thanks: Dr. Franca, Dr Angela, Shermila Romain, Arelys and Koningin Wilhelmina Kanker Fonds, Gigi Helder, Alix Geerman, Myron Wever, Reverend Calwin Greenaway, Reverend Damian Hughes, Erika Dedier, Xander Bogaerts, Stanley Ignacio, Stanley & Rica Illidge

Families: Howell, Ridderstaat, Kock, Illidge, Redan, Vrolijk, Hodge, Brooks, Kleinmoedig, Martis, Bremer, Philips, Brown, Delamore, Arndell, Paul, Linzey, Djaoen, Arrindell, Ras, Dubero, Martijn, Van der Linden, Bisslik,De Windt, Emelina, Isberta, Martina, Panthoflet, Dixon, James, Richardson, Schmidt, Denis, Jones, Tromp, Leon, Reeberg, Geerman, De Lange, Jacobino, Violenus, Martus, Petronia, Maxwell, Alexander, De Mey, Ridderstap, Maduro, Hassell, Quandus, Conde Leon, Cuba, Santos, Ferguson, Chicken wings gang.

We apologize if during our grief we forgot to mention any name or family

The funeral service will take place on Saturday November 9, 2019 at the Christ Church Methodist Church at Amalia van Solmstraat in San Nicolas at 3:00 p.m and after that to the government burial ground in San Nicolas. The viewing of our beloved Alvin will be from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Opportunity for condolences will be on Friday November 8, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Ad Patres Funeral home.

We regret that after the funeral we cannot accept condolences at home.