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Full protection for both employee as confidential counselor


Violence, aggression, bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment have one thin g in common. Its unwanted behavior, unwanted manners in the workplace that might affect you, your sister or your son. It’s actually causing occupational disease number one since it’s the primary cause of work stress.

Finally after all the research and shocking conclusions there are practical solutions. AWH, STFRA and Medwork joint forces to offer every employee and labor professional a tool and associated legal protection. Fortunately some complex issues have simple solutions. This new tool, the smartphone application Report makes sure unwanted manners in the workplace, and confidential counselors being reproved by management, belong to the past.

Report ensures the fact that the complainant who files the report is always in control. What is reported, when and to whom. This approachable tool and the fact that both STFRA and Medwork are there to assist the complainant and confidential counselor make it a unique and solid combination which will ensure an enormous improvement in creating a safe work environment in Aruba!

Contact us now and have yourself informed about this next step. The working population of Aruba has the right to be informed. AWH: Karin Bosman, E: karin@aboutworkplaceharassment.com , T: +31645466948 Medwork: Drs. Ru Croes, ru.croes@medwork.aw